Megalodon Tooth Hunting in Venice

5/16/2022 AgentKnipe Diving

During my Florida Trip, I had the opportunity to go out to Venice Fl to go diving for Megalodon Teeth. Obviously I jumped on the opportunity.  The only downside was that it was a 3 hour drive from Boca to Venice.  My Sister in Law and I managed to get there by around 11.  We met up with our guide and went over what to expect from the dive, reviewed signals and got geared up.  For this dive we did a beach dive, we basically geared, and walked out to the water.  Once in the ocean the game plan was to surface swim about 200 yrd then drop down.  According to our guide the visibility was unlike anything she had ever seen for this particular dive. Once we were far enough out we dropped down for the floor, approx 20ft, and headed due west and began hunting for teeth.  Our guide was was better at find teeth than I was, but after she pointed out a few I was able to start finding them on my own.  One of the cool thing we saw were some fish that literally followed us around and wait for us to stir up the bottom while collecting teeth where they would then filter feed.  They were really cool.  We were down for approx an hour, before surfacing and having to surface swim to the shore. We had planned to do another dive after our surface interval, but the rest of my family was at the beach and I had promised my kids id teach them how to snorkel. At that point we finally had a chance to see our haul.  After consulting with our guide, it turns out that I had found something called a heart breaker Megalodon tooth, its basically split in half down the middle, and then the tip of another, if it had been complete it would have been the size of my hand, and of course a handful of other sharks teeth.

If you are looking to do a Megalodon Tooth Dive in Venice, I would highly recommend going with Keys Huka Dive. They were very accommodating, knowledgable, and a ton of fun to dive with.   Im looking forward to my next trip for Megalodon tooth hunting.