Mission: Hungarian - Day 1

So I am working on learning Hungarian for my upcoming trip to Hungary.  I have easily spent a year working on Duolingo and chatting with Hungarians.  I met up with my two chat partners on www.conversationexchange.com.  Both partners have been incredibly patient with my poor attempts at learning their language.  I know a few words, but probably not enough to get by in the their country without speaking english... not yet any way.  I still have several months to increase my fluency. My plan is to speak more often with my partners so that I can learn how the words sound, and to start actually learning to speak the words.  Also I am trying to hit duolingo atleast 5 days a week.  I have also started a language journal where I am writing new verbs and their conjugations as well as new words and phrases in an attempt to be more proficient with my memory.  I know that the best way to learn is to speak but I dont want to monopolize my partners time, they have their own lives.  I did download an app for ad-hock conversations, I may start using it more frequently to get some different chat partners and to practice conversing.  I am going to try to hold myself accountable by blogging what I did today so I an keep track.  Once I finish laying out my language journal, I would like to start doing a 5 random words a day challenge where I find 5 random words from the dictionary and use them in hungarian sentences.

Todays Accomplishments:

  1. Chatted with Gyongyi, crafting some of my own sentences without the help of google translate
  2. Did 3 lessons on duolingo
  3. Learned 2 new verbs - nezni - To watch/see, rajolni - to draw